Our travel agent recommend Taverna Angelica while we were in Rome. We were greeted at the door by Mariella, one of the owners.We had a fantastic meal. For a party of 15 people all the food came out timely and was the best meal of our 2 week trip through Italy!! …

Cathy S
New York, United States

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This was the best meal that I had in Italy. Everything was prepared perfectly and all of the dishes were beautifully presented. I’m really glad that we found this place. It can be easy to miss!

Amy B.
Maryland, United States

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Devine food with a very unobtrusive waiter. Looks maybe fancy, but what counts on the end of the day is the quality of the food. Had an excellent carpacio and marvolous beef on rucola. Would not to hesitate to recommend this place to good friends.

Jo F.
Rome, Italy

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A hidden gem… An Angelic Mouthful… Spaghetti with crunchy pancetta and leeks is practically addictive! The food is a modern take on traditional Italian and was delicious!

Multiple Reviewers

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…everything is beautifully presented. Service is excellent, and the wine list carefully selected.

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…freshness and quality, … peaks of excellence. (translated from Italian)

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